$scaleObjNumeric cx cy fx fy
scales object with center cx, cy and factor fx, fy

obj method fill scaleObjNumeric {cx cy fx fy} {
  if {[$self constraint size]} then {
    set centerDot [my centerDot]
    set x0 [$centerDot cget -x]
    set y0 [$centerDot cget -y]
    $centerDot scaleObjNumeric $cx $cy $fx $fy
    set x1 [$centerDot cget -x]
    set y1 [$centerDot cget -y]
    set dx [- $x1 $x0]
    set dy [- $y1 $y0]
    $self dots transform moveHorizontal $dx moveVertical $dy 
  } else {
    $self lines scaleObjNumeric $cx $cy $fx $fy
  $self draw

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