$line chainedList
returns ordered list of connected lines.

Lines a, b are connected if they share end point, i. e. lastDot of a equals firstDot of b. Not coordinate values but object IDs are meant.

obj method line chainedList {} {
  set line $self
  while true {
    set prev [$line prevLine]
    if {$prev eq ""} break
    if {$prev eq $self} break
    if {[incr i] > 999} then {
      return -code error "$i steps. Something went wrong!"
    set line $prev
  set end $line
  while true {
    lappend lineSet $line
    set next [$line nextLine]
    if {$next eq ""} break
    if {$next eq $end} break
    set line $next
  set lineSet

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